Train to run the programme

Since its creation back in 2005’s, No Sex Please We’re Teenagers BBC documentary, we have trained thousands of people around the UK to run their own Romance Academy course with young people. ‘Romance Academy’ is our in-depth course focused on equipping young people with a positive framework for understanding and experiencing healthy relationships. 

‘Romance Academy’ offers young people;

  1. a supportive community in which they are encouraged to grow in self-esteem, confidence and emotional and relational literacy.
  2. the tools to become critical thinkers of the messages they hear from peers, social media and online porn about sex and relationships. 
  3. the chance to learn and practice the tools to make positive and informed choices that benefit themselves and others. 


We promise you a full day as we equip you to run your own ‘Romance Academy’ courses. In the morning we cover;

  • general overview of teenage sexual scripts.
  • adolescent sexual identity development.
  • the impact that exposure to porn has on young people’s sense of their sexual selves, their bodies, relationships and ability to practice active consent.
  • the social consent model.
  • our framework for understanding healthy relationships.
  • the impact of the Romance Academy approach.

As we believe that information without experience is irrelevant, the afternoon focuses on participants being coached in how to use the material, so everyone will have the chance to lead some of the discussions and activities!

Attendance at one of our Regional Training one day events is essential for access to all you need to run your own Romance Academy courses. The cost is £100 per place or £75.00 each for 2 or more places.


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