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But the need for good talking in families, churches, and schools about relationships and sex is more pressing than ever before. With 90% of young people saying they feel under increasing pressure to become sexually active young, it’s time we broke the silence and started the conversation. 

LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX or LET'S TALK ABOUT PORN: Both of t hese roadshows are fun, interactive seminar designed to help adults talk with their teenagers about sex and relationships.

These events are designed to help you have those conversations that matter the most. The evening includes:

KNOW THE FACTS - we’ll take a look at what’s really going on in youth culture, including analysis of the world of social media and the impact of porn. 

DEFINE YOUR MESSAGE - as the loving authority in your children’s lives, we’ll help you to lead the charge in establishing a framework of healthy relationships. 

HANDLING THE HOW - we’ll share our tried and tested top-tips for starting the conversations and responding to those challenging parenting moments. 

This seminar is predominately aimed at parents, youth workers, teachers & church leaders who would like some practical guidance and wisdom to help them avoid the pitfalls of being cringy, judgemental or just plain clueless!

Romance Academy would love to partner with schools, charities or churches that are willing to host this fantastic event.

We believe this roadshow carries an important message for many people who feel ill-equipped to respond to or talk with their children about relationships and sex. To host an evening, simply register your interest by contacting us now.

What parents are saying 

"Very eye-opening information about the current environment/situation young people are in." (Camberley, June 2015)

"Frank discussions and the up-to-date message was encouraging! Schools and government need to hear this too!" (Luton, June 2015)

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