We use cookies on the Romance Academy website to track user activity on the site and to enable membership functionality. While we will endeavour to keep the list below updated, the site relies on some third party services and the list may therefore become out of date if those services alter the cookies they use.

Please note that all of these Cookies exist to enable functionality on the website and not for advertising purposes. 

Important: If you wish to register as a member with Romance Academy you need to accept cookies. 

There are two types of cookie you may encounter when using this website:


1. Non essential Cookies



Sets the datetime that the user last visited the site, and is set for both guests and logged in users. If not set, is automatically set to 10 years ago. Affects guests and logged in users.


Tracks the last 5 pages viewed by the user, and is used primarily for redirection after logging in etc. Affects guests and logged in users.

Cookies with names prefixed by __utm 

Stores information used by Google Analytics to track user activity on the site.


2. Essential Cookies



Every time the state is updated (the page reloaded) the last activity is set to the current datetime. Used to determine expiry. This is essential for logged in users, but not for guests - it is set for both.


A uniquely generated ID that corresponds to the session_id column in the exp_session table. Used when cookie and session are set as the session type. Used only for logged in members.


Matches the unique_id field in the exp_members table. Randomly generated by the functions class at registration. Used only for logged in members.


The encrypted password of the currently logged in user. Set if you choose the cookies and session ID method for sessions (cs in your config.) Used only for logged in members.


A flag set by the user to determine if they are listed in the online users.


Determines the length of the session for a logged in user. There are two options for this cookie: if the user has selected remember me then it is set to 1 year, and if not then it's set to the datetime that the user logged in. Used only for logged in members.


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