Posted on 02 March 2017 by Rachel Warwick

A New Relationship Status

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Yesterday the status of Relationships and Sex Education in schools in England changed. 

But imagine if yesterday’s headline had read ‘Government to make teaching of relationships and sex compulsory in all families in England.’

It didn’t.  And maybe because as a society we find it so difficult to talk about the things that matter most to young people, it has yet again fallen to schools to be doing the talking for us.

Well.  That’s one way of looking at it. 

Rachel Gardner looks at yesterday's announcement and what it means for us...

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Posted on 08 August 2016 by Rachel

Holy Nude

Holy Nude image

Join Rachel as she explores 'naked attraction', channel 4's latest nudity-fest.

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Posted on 04 May 2016 by Martin

Hello from Jemimah!

I’m so excited to say a HUGE HELLO to the Romance Academy family! My name is Jemimah, and today marks the start of a new adventure for me, as I began my new role as RA Project Manager. And what a day it was! I drank far too much coffee, ate way too much cake - there were quite a few Youthscape birthdays over the weekend - but most importantly...

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Posted on 18 April 2016 by Rachel Warwick

Be part of Romance Academy

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Last year Youthscape launched a new Graduate Volunteer Scheme – an opportunity for graduates to spend a year experiencing and investing in youth work at local and national levels through work in schools, churches and national scale projects. We’re now inviting applications for the 2016-17 team and have asked one of this year’s participants to write about her year so far. Here’s Sophie

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Posted on 07 April 2016 by Rachel

Sex Box: I’m bored by this pandering to pornified culture

Mid teens today are navigating their sexual awakening in a whole new way. Many of them will have seen adults in online porn films do some pretty nasty things to each other before they’ve even had their first kiss. If we were ever in need of a widespread discussion about healthy sexuality it’s now. 

And then up pops new Channel 4 programme ‘Sex Box’. In case you’ve not yet tuned in to this ‘unique TV experience’ let me fill you in. Real couples have sex in a box (we don’t get to see the sex, just the box) to help them open up about life in the bedroom. We meet couples wanting their first gay sexual encounter, their first attempt to get to touch each other without penetration or their desire to add sexual benefits to a friendship of 11 years. 

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Posted on 07 April 2016 by superadmin

How we support Romance Academy

We got married on New Years Eve 2015. There was champagne, a live jazz band and confetti cannons exploding at midnight - spectacular! As part of our wedding we supported two organisations: Romance Academy and Macmillan. 

We had two boxes painted in gold glitter where guests could make donations. From then on, we pledged to give finanically to both organisations each month. Here's why we choose to support Romance Academy, and why you should too. 

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Posted on 07 April 2016 by Jason

Jason Royce: Four Impressions

Last month the Romance Academy and Youthscape team went out for lunch to say our final goodbyes to Jason. Here is an update about what he has moved on to and his reflections from working at Romance Academy.

I was Romance Academy's Director for exactly 3 years. In that time I travelled the length and breadth of the UK (and even squeezed in visits to the USA & Sweden) talking about healthy relationships and sex. I wanted to share 4 impressions I have as I leave. 

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Posted on 07 December 2015 by Rachel



When I began to research the topic of body image I believed it to be a superficial non-issue. A body image problem couldn't be a real problem, surely? To anyone struggling, my advice would have been to buck up and get on with your life, there are greater problems in this world than the size of your wasit/biceps. (Just so you know, I am embarrassed by my ignorance and insensitivity!)

As I began the area in more detail, I unravelled the true depth and complexity of issues related to body image. Here are some of the things I've learned along the way ... 

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Posted on 01 December 2015 by Rachel


Wherever I am in the world, seeing young people learn about healthy relationships and critique culture, I get excited because I know their relationships will be better going forward. That's worth going to work for! 

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Posted on 13 November 2015 by Rachel


The Romance Academy Experience - From a youth worker perspective 

"Show them a different way."

We got in touch with Zoe, one of the many youth workers who has been trained up to lead her own Romance Academies. We asked her to share why she believes in Romance Academy and what her experience has been like - enjoy!

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Posted on 16 October 2015 by Rachel


It's that time of year again where your local supermarket is selling all sorts of 'scary' shaped chocolates and sweets, along with some rather questionable 'scary' Halloween costumes. 

Maybe you fit into one of these categories when it comes to the 31st of October...

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Posted on 29 September 2015 by Rachel


The First term of this academic year is well underway! Maybe in your house it has been a positive start. Your children are excited to be back at school, seeing friends and learning new subjects. New school shoes have been bought and pencil cases have been refilled - let the term begin!

Or maybe you're on the other side of the coin. . .

It's 10.30pm on a Sunday evening and you're sat in your child's bedroom with them sobbing saying they don't want to go to school but don't tell you why. Deep down, you it's all to do with their 'friends'.

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Posted on 10 February 2015 by Rachel


10 February 2015

It's Safer Internet Day! Hooray!

You may not know what Safer Internet Day is, you may not have known it was going to happen, you may not know why it matters to you, so here's a little Romance Academy Summary:

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Posted on 18 November 2014 by Rachel


This is just the most magical time of year. The weather is getting crispy. There are twinkly lights appearing on every shop and tree. The coffeeshops are wheeling out every kind of delicious hot drink for us to enjoy. And Christmas is creeping ever closer.

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Posted on 14 July 2014 by Rachel



In a world of advertising, music videos, social media young people are constantly bombarded with an ideal of what it looks like to be good enough. An ideal it’s impossible to reach.

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