Who we are

Romance Academy began life back in September 2005 when the BBC showed a three part documentary called No Sex Please We’re Teenagers which followed the lives and loves of the very first, "Romance Academy". Twelve teenagers from north London were challenged to give up sex for five months to discover more about themselves, their choices and their capacity for building lasting relationships. What started out as a one-off experiment quickly turned into a national project as young people and youth practitioners asked how they could get their own Romance Academy off the ground. 

We are now based in Luton as a project of Youthscape. Our team of dedicated youth speciallists work in depth in Luton directly with teenagers - not only for their benefit, but to develop approaches and programmes that others can use across the UK. That way, we can make a bigger impact. The positive transformation of young people is at the heart of everything we do - especially those facing critical challenges and issues in their lives.

About us