‘I had never known what I really wanted in relationships. I lost my virginity when I was 14 but I knew I wanted to explore more about relationships...being in the Romance Academy gave me the confidence to say I wanted to wait. Before I would have jumped in and had sex straight away, but I give myself time, and we really get to know each other. Everything I learnt through the Academy helped me to become a sort of grown-up. I know now I can be loved and I can love myself.’
(Teenage girl from London)

‘The confidence you learn here is different from the confidence you get when you’re drunk. It’s more real.’
(Teenage boy from Leeds)

‘When you look at your life now you can see how valuable you are.’
(Teenage girl from Exeter)

‘I’ve learnt to set myself challenges, like having to sort out things with my girlfriend. The Romance Academy helped me to realise what I could and couldn’t do. If young people start doing the Romance Academy it will make them more mature.’
(Teenage boy from Bradford)

‘I wish I’d had this experience when I was younger cos I’ve made a lot of bad decisions in my life and this would have helped me.’
(Teenage girl from London)

‘Romance Academy is a place where I can be confident and express my opinion without others judging me.’
(Teenager from Leeds)

‘Over the past 12 weeks I have looked deeper into what I believe about sex and how it affects me. I have learnt more about myself during the Romance Academy then I have in the rest of my 18 years.’
(Teenage girl Liverpool)

‘I think the Romance Academy was really well timed for me because of issues in my life at that time. I was struggling with aspects of relationships and being able to respect myself. Thank you for letting me join the Romance Academy. You have shown me how to respect myself.’
(Teenage girl from Guildford)



‘The holistic nature of the Romance Academy course means that we can open up other relevant issues for young people that are linked to risky sexual behaviour and saw positive changes in these areas. For the duration of the academy there was a significant increase in the number of young people not drinking at all (38% compared to 21%), not getting drunk (63% compared to 42%) and not using drugs (93% compared to 67%).’
(Youth outreach worker in Leeds)

‘This training day has made me more aware of how much the Romance Academy is needed in this area. I will definitely take on board everything I have learnt today.’
(Church Youth Leader in Blackpool)



‘I believe Romance Academy is already having an impact on our pupils. Their approach has allowed pupils to speak freely without feeling embarrassed or influenced in anyway. The quality of responses and the depth of discussion has been greater as a result.
(Fiona Terroni PT (SRE) Guidance Teacher, Dundee) 

‘Romance Academy is absolutely unique in their approach to helping young people experience life- bringing healthy relationships. Their work is rooted in a genuine love for young people, a radical commitment to helping them think through and own their choices, and a wholehearted passion that they would live fulfilled lives.’
(Matt Summerfield CEO Urban Saints)

‘In Harrow the Romance Academy project works in partnership with other organizations to provide holistic and effective sex and relationships education. As a local sexual health outreach nurse, I am involved in delivering the Safer Sex message as well as signposting to local sexual health services as part of the Romance Academy course. The successful working of this partnership helps young people to know more about Sexual Health Services in the area and feel more confident to access them.’
(Ann Deacon, Sexual Health Outreach Lead Nurse)

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