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We want to partner with people who will advocate for us, champion our work, and support what we do. Romance Academy draws financial support from a range of different sources. One of the most important ones is people like you who have a personal interest in our work.  

Where your money goes

By giving to the work of Romance Academy you are directly contributing to the reduction of: the broken homes of the future, the ASBO's, underage sex, teen pregnancies, low aspirations, sexual dysfunction, domestic abuse, crime, poverty, 'baby daddy' syndrome, unemployment... the list goes on.

A gift of any amount, given individually or corporately, will allow Romance Academy to continue to support those working with young people from every background.

If you feel passionately about the same issues as us, you can also give regularly and become one of our amazing Romance Academy Angels. 

Give regularly to support the ongoing work of Romance Academy.

Alternatively, if you want to make a one-off donation, the secure link below is for you.

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