About us

Relationships matter.

Right now many young people are experiencing a relationship crisis. 

With easy access to online porn, increasing violence & peer on peer exploitation in relationships and endless misinformation from the media about sex, it’s little wonder that so many of them feel overwhelmed by the relentless pressure to enter their teenage years sexually experienced and available.

At Romance Academy we seek to be at the cutting edge of young people’s experiences. We offer a safe space & positive framework for building self-confidence and healthy relationships. We believe this empowers them to value their uniqueness and equips them for good decision making.

We do this by empowering adults to have significant conversations about relationships and sex with their young people.

We train and resource youth practitioners to run their own ‘Romance Academy’ course with young people. Each Academy is built on the idea that young people benefit from having a safe space where they can lay down their weapons of attack and defense, and just be themselves. Free from coercion and pressure to be sexually active, young people are empowered to have significant conversations about what they want to talk about most, like sex, identity, self-worth, porn, choices, relationships, gender and love. 

We equip & empower parents and carers to be a loving authority in their children’s lives and lead the charge in establishing a healthy framework for understanding sexuality and relationships. 

We support schools, colleges and alternative education providers by delivering stand-alone sessions on key topics like online porn, sexting, consent and healthy relationships. 

About us